$3,023 In Sales. 1st Negative Of 2018.

Hello All. I ended February with my most gross sales ever ( this includes shipping, IRS considers shipping as income too). I also ended it with my first negative of the year. Overall the month was OK. Yes the money I got was great but I also had to deal with some high maintenance buyers/scammers.

Between eBay & Poshmark I made $3,023 in sales. Some of sales were high dollar ( $$$, triple digit sale  #) items and they were vintage items. My favorite part of reselling is thrifting so to find these gems was like hitting a mini jackpot. I also like researching items and finding out the value. For vintage items, it’s really hard to pin point value but just finding the histories of companies is really fun to me.

I also got my first negative of the year. I emphasis year because I do get negatives like everyone. Negative do eventually disappear after a year  so I just have to let it languish on my feedback page. I called eBay to remove it for feedback extortion but they wouldn’t budge. Even though the buyer has histories of leaving negatives and asked me to “handle” the return differently before she leaves a negative. I’m not surprise. I have never had success in eBay removing negatives. They do remove so much options for sellers to find out if a buyer is a doozy so really my faith in eBay has dropped just a little.

This doesn’t stop me from selling and it shouldn’t for you if reselling is bringing consider cash flow in to the family. I could also mention the other crap I had to deal with but I’m not. I’m going to focus on the positives of great sales and toast to more sales this year. If you had to deal with shitty customers I suggest for you to think of all the other ones who love their item. Out of the 3 shitty ass customers I had to deal with, 130 of them  were happy.

Let’s also hope my last big sale of the month doesn’t get returned. I’m just like you and worry about returns.



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One thought on “$3,023 In Sales. 1st Negative Of 2018.

  1. Fiscally Fit Chica March 9, 2018 at 3:07 am Reply

    What is your eBay handle? I’ve considered selling on eBay before. Where do you go to get your items?

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