Sales During Vacation



Yes I’m being a bit of a show off and showing my sales from March 6 -11th. I was on vacation so any sales made was a GREAT thing since I had to put both stores on vacation mode. If you are wondering about vacation mode then keep on reading. I won’t go over every detail but just my brief experience.

During the time my store was on vacation mode I was only able to make sales on eBay. You see putting your “closet” on vacation mode at poshmark will show all your listing as “NOT FOR SALE” and some little blurb stating your vacation days. Poshmark automatically turns your store back on at the end of the stated vacation day. This is important to know if you are deciding which days to turn your “closet” back on. You do have the convenience to do it on your phone ( eBay APP does not let you turn vacation on/off, only on the desktop version).

On eBay you have the option to turn vacation mode on, AND have your listings able to be sold. You can also just have your whole store hidden ( I think it might be different if you had auctions, though don’t rely on me for that). Since I was gone for less than a week, my ebay store was in vacation mode and my listings are able to be purchased. It’s just my preference. You can go longer but some customers are so computer illiterate and impatient that explaining to them your current terms aggravates them *Yes eye roll*.

Overall of course my sales went down but I still made a couple hundred dollars in sales between those days. I was able to turn my poshmark closet on , on the weekend so I still got a few sales in there. Some of my sales were small sales but those items I don’t mind letting go low enough to make my money back. After all I’m still learning about clothing and that is an industry that’s forever changing.


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