Reseller Summer Slow Down 2018

It’s the “summer slow down” for most resellers. I don’t know why other resellers are saying it’s not when in reality it probably is. I mean it looks like they are working harder than before but making the same amount of money if it was any other season. So it’s really discouraging for new sellers or ones whose inventory isn’t geared toward summer.

My inventory in general isn’t geared toward summer. I mainly and I mean probably 95% of my inventory is clothing. Unfortunately a small percentage of it is geared towards summer so sales have slowed down for me. It’s really my fault for not being prepared but what can I say? Summer clothing isn’t something I live to find in thrift stores. It’s usually cheap( I mean material wise, not price wise) and thrift stores around me typically overcharge on swim swear.

This year I’m really not too worried. I haven’t mentioned this before but my husband got a promotion. This came with a nice raise so this summer I’m not too worried about hitting my goal. Now I’m focusing on streamlining my inventory by sending things that aren’t selling to thred up. I do donate too. It’s a nice little break I’ll be taking but I will be using it to better my inventory and learn more about other brands. The summer slow down for me is a great time to set some goals that will help me grow.


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2 thoughts on “Reseller Summer Slow Down 2018

  1. Fiscally Fit Chica June 15, 2018 at 11:40 pm Reply

    How long have you been selling on eBay for? How’d you get into it?

  2. mythrifthaunt June 21, 2018 at 3:31 am Reply

    I’ve been selling part time/casually for a long time now (my account is over 10 yrs old). Just out of curiosity and wanting to get rid of stuff. It’s completely different now what it is back then. Right now I personally feel that anyone can sell on eBay but that doesn’t mean everyone can do it on a regular basis. There is many rules to learn, and fees to figure out that people who do it full time are finding other online platforms to sell on. eBay definitely gives better search results for people who do free shipping, free returns, good ratings, etc.

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