eBay: July 2018 $1200 in Sales

I just realized I haven’t really given a monthly progress in sales since April this year. So here it is. eBay $1200 in sales ( this includes shipping paid) and $493 from poshmark (this is before the 20% fee). It wasn’t too shabby. I said a few posts though that eBay glitch is still making itself comfortable in my store.

I can’t provide solid proof but I feel eBay hides the small sellers stores more so than the big time ones. It is what it is. Judging from other instagrammers who went to eBay open, my inklings are easily agreed upon. It does put a “bad taste” in my mouth but I’m still selling. I can be bitchy about it but at end of month it is income coming in.

Maybe in the future I will find another platform but overall I’m still sticking with eBay for the time being. Poshmark is another platform I sell on. I’m happy it has been working out well for me. The “extra” sales really helps with all the unexpected bills.

Anyways this is a really short post. I’m off to do some tax related data. Btw I don’t really share my eBay/Poshmark stores. I don’t want people to really use me as a guide to learn about the selling platforms. There is other sellers out there who do share every little of their reseller life. Overall everyone’s experience is different due to personal financial needs, inventory, time, lifestyle, etc.


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