End of 2017

In 2017 we purchased a used car. We do have a monthly payment on it. 2017 in general was good to us and hopefully 2018 is just as good or even better. I also quit my part time job as a merchandiser since my online side hustle (eBay and Poshmark) is making enough to provide the “jam” in our finances ( my husband is the bread and butter).

End of 2016

It’s amazing what can happen in a few years. Had a baby in 2016. While we are not considered newlyweds, new parents is just as scary. I wasn’t able to do anything financial goals related this year.

In 2015 we were able to save enough in 6 months expenses because I sold my town home. After having my son in early 2016 I kind of lost track in terms of finances. I didn’t go on a spending spree but we also didn’t keep track of what we were spending.  I hope 2017 I will  have a better direction.

From 2014

Hi my name is Mai. I’m a baker’s wife, online seller, and baby sister of 4. My days are spent mostly working on my online businesses, taking care of my home, and sometimes squeezing in family get togethers. My blog is mostly personal finance related.

I’m not a financial guru. Though like many families out there, we all have money goals. At this point in my life I’m at the newlywed stage of were we are spending within our means. Browse around, and comment!

I’m not sure what this blog will turn out to be. I just hope in some way my posts are something you can relate to.

CONTACT ME: Mythrifthaunt@yahoo.com


Liebster Award Nominee

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