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Student Loans $14,870

I don’t update my side bar enough. It’s because I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t been paying down my student loan debt as fast. So I updated it today and there is $14,870 left.

I feel like I have to look at our finances again. You know, combing through every credit card statements, loan statements, bills etc. Even though we generally have an idea how much we are saving and spending, every now and then it’s good to do this. Especially since we have a new monthly bill for our used car now. We are not spend thrifts by any means but doing this keeps us in track. Perhaps I’ll put up our numbers come September.

$18.00 Per Hour To Rent A 2 Bd Home

Head on over to Business Insider to find out how much it cost to rent a 2 bedroom home in your state.

I would say that seems about right. Currently Las Vegas is at that stage again where it’s cheaper to buy a home than it is to rent. I have friends and family members who are looking to buy a home. Rent is going up and to them it doesn’t make sense to pay that much money when they can buy a home with more space. Las Vegas is a very volatile market in real estate so I would be very careful to buy if you are not planning to live here for a while. We lucked out on ours because we bought ( I sold my townhome) during the recession.

Is the map accurate for your area?

Online Seller Update

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend is going great. I just wanted to update a little about sales on eBay. For May my total (meaning sales+shipping) was $1850.00. The summer slow down is here. Luckily I paid off our small debt for our computer, and able to pay other things with that still.

It’s been a few weeks of quitting my part time job and I don’t miss it. I do miss some people. For example the managers at Albertsons & Dollar Tree were very helpful and accomodating. The ones are Walmart were can I say… ugh. If you are new here my part time job was a merchandiser for a separate company. I did not work at these stores as employees but as a vendor. I still had to follow certain rules and got to look what goes on in the back scene. Overall my experience was generally good.

Here’s wishing to great sales on the weekend!

Moment Of “Uhh What?”

I met with a friend I hadn’t seen in forever after having Calvin. Though I think what I said to her probably won’t make her want to schedule a get together anymore. I thought I should mention it because it is finance related. I really don’t care how people spend their money. Yes I will judge when they complain because when I say things it’s because my insight is probably something they didn’t think about.

Anyways my said friend was asking me if there was a way to bypass pandora’s ads appearing during music. I told her why don’t you just pay the $3.99 a month to bypass it. I know that comes out to $48 a year but to my family it’s money worth spending because we listen to it for hours everyday. She then tells me she doesn’t want to spend the money monthly. She then starts to down a  $12.00 cocktail. Which I pointed out the money spent on a $12.00 cocktail was  3 months worth of ads free music. Yup …. which she downed in half an hour.

April 2017 Month In Review: eBay Sales $2,350.00

In April I sold  $2350.00 That’s pretty accurate and that’s after a few returns. I’m pretty happy about that number and I’m ready for May. In April I had spurts of listing rhythms and some days I didn’t. I currently list 15-18 items a day between 15-20 days a month. I hope to list 25 items a day eventually. I’m just slowly easing myself in to that.

We just came back from our weekend getaway.  I think it might have helped my husband but I still think he needs to see a therapist. He still doesn’t want to but he eventually wants to schedule one. I can’t just force him to see one. He has to want to see one on his own as oppose to his wife dictating what he should do.

Our weekend get away was at Lake Havasu City, AZ. It’s about a couple hours drive from Las Vegas. I definitely enjoyed the drive getting there and our hotel room was pretty sweet. We  stayed at London Bridge Hotel and we love the cozy atmosphere at during the week. Unfortunately I didn’t take much pictures. Was having too much. I will post what I did take eventually.

Budget Travels: Planning Calvin’s 1st Birthday. ROAD TRIP:).


(Calvin in his play pen)

My family is planning a road trip to CA for Calvin’s 1st Birthday. The main reason is we want to celebrate a double birthday with my Father in Law. My husband has a few vacation days left and we figure we will use them to go to him. He actually flies out to visit my brother in law’s daughter (his granddaughter) the same month. So having him fly out twice is tiring. I know most seniors don’t want to accept the fact that they are a little more worn down. He keeps telling us he doesn’t mind flying to us instead of us driving to him. Yet we reminded him we want to do this. CA  in our opinion probably has more family friendly things to do instead of NV. Plus my son is almost at that walking stage and to be honest my Father In Law’s house is big enough for his curious mind and active body to be entertained for hours.

What will cost us money is renting a car. We use to take my husband’s car but it is old. 2001 Honda Civic. We are literally trying to drive it until it falls apart and I know it is at that stage. Except we don’t have the money to buy a car. We do, but we would like to save a big down payment before we do. Unfortunately his car is only good for getting around town and not for driving state to state. My car is too small and doesn’t have cruise control for trips like that (We try to pack everything we need for Calvin instead of buying stuff there). So now we decided for every road trip that will take more than 3 hours, we will rent a car.

We rented an SUV last Christmas from Hertz through Our car rental experience was a so so experience so we are renting a Minivan through dollar rent a car through Let’s hope we have a better experience. You see Hertz knowingly rented us a recalled SUV (Hyundai Santa Fe). Driving a recalled car is no biggie because even our current cars have recalls. Except that this recall affected the gas tank. It wouldn’t let us fill the tank all the way. At first my husband just traded the car in without double checking the receipt. I noticed the charge for gas and told him to talk to the car rental place about it. They said it’s because we traded the car in. Of course after telling them” why should we pay for gas on a recalled SUV that was having that problem?” they gave us a full refund. I’m not sure if they normally give out refunds, or if it’s because we rented through AAA. Still we wanted to try other options. Let’s hope the dollar rent a car is better.

I still haven’t plan out an itinerary but I want to go to Julian CA to just walk around and enjoy their famous apple pie. We still don’t know if we want to go to the zoo. It’s a short trip and planning things to do around my son’s naps isn’t exactly fun. Going on a vacation with a baby isn’t exactly a calm vacation but we feel it’s worth it to enjoy more time with Grandpa. I can’t believe my sweet baby is turning 1 already. It makes me all teary eyed just thinking about it.

How I Financially Contributed To Our Family In 2016

In 2016 I contributed financially through numerous income streams. While these are not secrets, and pretty much everyone does it, I figured someone reading this would like to know how I contribute to my family financially. Keep in mind this works for our situation now.

  1. I work part-time as a merchandiser

    I like my job because my bosses are relax and they in return respect my worth ethic. It’s not something I would do full time (they don’t offer full time anyways) but if you are looking for a second income I suggest searching for jobs in your area as a merchandiser. It’s also a great way to learn how major chain stores get stocked.

    Another benefit is it can be very flexible. The way my company works allows a very flexible schedule. The hours given depend on how many stores they give me but as of now I have 3 small stores. That works great for me since I do take care of my son when my husband is at work.

  1. I sell on eBay as a used clothing seller

    The market for used clothing is saturated yet I am able to buy clothing cheap in return selling them for a profit. I do this mostly in between when my husband watches my son, and in between my son’s naps. I do enjoy this for the most part.Working for yourself allows for a flexible schedule but relies heavily on your willingness to find time and motivation.

    I’m a one woman show by doing all the inventory shopping, listing, packaging, and taxes. I’m always subconsciously research what is selling and not selling. My phone is pretty much glued to my hand when I’m at the store. It can feel tedious at times but the income this produces puts a smile on my face since it’s MY hard work.

  2. I purge my home of unwanted goods by selling on eBay

    I try to make it a habit to go around my house and list things I think can sell. In 2016 it was mostly DVDs, baby clothes, cooking utensils, my wardrobe, books from college, jewelry etc. I also sold gifts I received from people that I know won’t be hurt if I did that.

  3. Dabbled in Swagbucks

    This was fun and I only did this when I felt like doing it. I know some people on Reddit who manages to earn hundreds per month but I never got to that point. This year I probably won’t do it so much since I will be working my merchandising job more.

I now bring in $1,000-$1,200 a month doing all this. I know it’s not enough to live on but that is a nice chunk of change monthly. Most of this goes to pay my personal loans (mostly student and credit cards) and my side of the bills ( car insurance ) and my baby son’s food and things too. I’m hoping this year I will start contributing to our savings more.