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eBay Sales: August $2601.00 & Driving Without AC

Last month I sold $2601.00. Which isn’t bad at all. I’m really happy. Selling on eBay isn’t all fun. It may seem like it is but I do have days where I just want to give up. I have days where I  doubt myself. That also includes asshole customers that return things item not as described when they clearly wore the item. I also have customers who don’t pay, and customers who want a partial discount claiming a minor flaw… blah blah blah blah. Still I’m able to do this on my own time. Please don’t use my experience/example if you should do it by yourself. I have to also point out my husband works too and we do have health insurance through him.

I also have been driving my car without the AC on. Living in the desert requires…REQUIRES AC in your car. Unfortunately we already have been spending on my car,on other things, and other household expenses have priority. It’s not too bad. I’m just lucky we live close to almost everything and the weather has become considerably better ( mostly 80s this week).


Online Seller Update

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend is going great. I just wanted to update a little about sales on eBay. For May my total (meaning sales+shipping) was $1850.00. The summer slow down is here. Luckily I paid off our small debt for our computer, and able to pay other things with that still.

It’s been a few weeks of quitting my part time job and I don’t miss it. I do miss some people. For example the managers at Albertsons & Dollar Tree were very helpful and accomodating. The ones are Walmart were can I say… ugh. If you are new here my part time job was a merchandiser for a separate company. I did not work at these stores as employees but as a vendor. I still had to follow certain rules and got to look what goes on in the back scene. Overall my experience was generally good.

Here’s wishing to great sales on the weekend!

April 2017 Month In Review: eBay Sales $2,350.00

In April I sold  $2350.00 That’s pretty accurate and that’s after a few returns. I’m pretty happy about that number and I’m ready for May. In April I had spurts of listing rhythms and some days I didn’t. I currently list 15-18 items a day between 15-20 days a month. I hope to list 25 items a day eventually. I’m just slowly easing myself in to that.

We just came back from our weekend getaway.  I think it might have helped my husband but I still think he needs to see a therapist. He still doesn’t want to but he eventually wants to schedule one. I can’t just force him to see one. He has to want to see one on his own as oppose to his wife dictating what he should do.

Our weekend get away was at Lake Havasu City, AZ. It’s about a couple hours drive from Las Vegas. I definitely enjoyed the drive getting there and our hotel room was pretty sweet. We  stayed at London Bridge Hotel and we love the cozy atmosphere at during the week. Unfortunately I didn’t take much pictures. Was having too much. I will post what I did take eventually.

Student Loans $16,341

If you look to the right I hope you notice something:). My progress bar is definitely more filled than before. This is for my student loans which in 2011 I graduated with $28,000. Having it below $20,000 is such a great feeling. I will definitely be dancing when it hits 4 figures. I wish I could be like other bloggers who seem to budget very well to be able to pay huge amounts every month ( is such a blog.)

From the sale of our townhome ( my bachelorette pad) I decided to use $6,000 of the money we made toward my student loans. While this is only 10% of what we made, I feel it is a good amount to set aside for student loans.

Now I know I need to set a budget to pay down the student loans even more. My husband needs a new “used” car/suv. We have been talking and we have a feeling we will need a bigger car for our growing family. Except we can’t afford a car payment if we are still paying down my student loans. He just realized we could afford a car if we can pay down this loan, and save for a healthy down payment.



October 2015 Monthly Progress: No Progress & Thanksgiving

I’m not doing a monthly progress for October 2015. We are hoping to close on the sale on our townhome ( My bachelorette home) in a matter of weeks. October was also a flurry of unexpected expenses. Such as vet visit for Jager, Home Owner Docs ordered, some cruise expenses ( technically not unexpected), and purchases for our trip.

With the sale of my townhome we are making a good profit. I’m not going to go through details due to the fact things may happen such as, under estimate of items or just the closing process just not happening. Though according to my agent the process is going smoothly. With this sale we are planning to pay off a portion of my student loans, get new iphones, hardwood & maybe carpet floors, & of course stuff for our pending baby. We feel very lucky and greatful to have this happen to us. We will have enough to definitely fund emergency fund, at least 6 months expenses, and a decent down payment on our next home ( this isn’t happening any time soon).

Just to let you me buying my townhome by myself wasn’t completely bliss. I was still in College and working. During those few years living there, I did have bouts of when my boyfriend ( now husband) did help with my bills, and I contemplated if the purchase was smart thing to do. After living there a couple of years I moved in with my boyfriend, and rented my townhome. Renting it was easy because it was in a good location and the price was right. I used a property management for this. Now we are at a time of our life where we needed the money and I felt the market was good. Some people would say I should have kept the property and sell it when the market gets better, but to be honest I think this is the best it will be. Especially for a townhome. Townhomes in general are harder to sell compared to an actual house. I have no regrets and hope the next buyer will make money when they need to sell it too.

Aside from this, Thanksgiving is coming up. Most people dread Thanksgiving due to seeing family. I know how that feels but that doesn’t happen too much in my family. We are congregating to a family friend’s home and celebrating it with them. We each potluck a dish per family. My husband and I are bringing a chicken dish and he is making home made bread rolls. Most of Thanksgiving is spent watching football or just catching up with each other. I hope you have the holiday you want!



September 2015 Monthly Progress: $2400.00 & Do I Really Need To Go To Breastfeeding Class?

$2400.00 Whoa there. Savings has dwindled down. It’s due to our last minute cruise we have planned next month. My husband and I figured we might as well take one final long vacation before the baby comes. We had the money but blowing a couple a thousand always makes me sweat a little. We are considering it his birthday cruise and our 2nd Anniversary cruise.

By the way it had to go down more because my tenants finally moved out of my townhome so now I’m paying the mortgage out of pocket. I hope I get an offer soon. My agent relisted it under a different MLS number and I lowered the price a little. Since she now has the freedom to show it whenever she wants, she feels more confident it will sell. I hope it does. We would have to start borrowing money from our mutual fund if our savings goes down to $0.

I was looking at my health insurance website and if I signed up for their pregnancy program I would get $100.00 if I go to all my appointments for the first twelve weeks. Of course I signed up! $100! I’ll get free money whenever I can! The weird thing though is that when I called they asked me if I was planning to attend breastfeeding classes. I thought that was so weird. I mean how hard is it to aim a tit in to a newborn’s mouth? So I lied and said “Sure. In the future.” I lied fearing I wouldn’t get $100 if I would have said no. I guess all I have to do now is let my doctor know at my next appointment about submitting my flow chart of appointments and then all I have to do is head down to the office and get my  $100 check.

No Monthly Progress For August & Why I’m Behind My Goals

I had so much planned for September. I was going to set up our Etsy Store ( Might happened later this month instead), List 10 Items EVERYDAY ( More like 22X this month), Get my Ebay Room Organize (Oh man… remember that Friends Scene where Monica had that closet?), and purge my house of more crap. I got nothing done! NOTHING! For a good reason though. I’m pregnant. Yup…the same person who wrote this Blog Post in February.

It’s a little to early to really announce it ( I’m only in my first trimester) but it’s the reason why I haven’t been getting things done. I’m just so tired and sleepy that it’s driving me crazy. No monthly progress this month. My husband and I were a little reckless because I know it will go done to $3,000.

My husband planned a last minute cruise. We figure since it’s the last vacation for quite some time, it’s just seemed like a good idea. Of course this puts us back to what we had in the beginning of the year but oh well. We would have not booked it if we didn’t have the money in the savings.

Let’s hope my townhome sells soon. It’s just not moving due to the fact that the tenants are not keeping it clean and sometimes they are hesitant to show it while they are, or are not home. They are still paying rent so I really can’t complain. I just wish their house closes soon ( as soon as they found out I was selling mine, they went to buy their own.).