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eBay: July 2018 $1200 in Sales

I just realized I haven’t really given a monthly progress in sales since April this year. So here it is. eBay $1200 in sales ( this includes shipping paid) and $493 from poshmark (this is before the 20% fee). It wasn’t too shabby. I said a few posts though that eBay glitch is still making itself comfortable in my store.

I can’t provide solid proof but I feel eBay hides the small sellers stores more so than the big time ones. It is what it is. Judging from other instagrammers who went to eBay open, my inklings are easily agreed upon. It does put a “bad taste” in my mouth but I’m still selling. I can be bitchy about it but at end of month it is income coming in.

Maybe in the future I will find another platform but overall I’m still sticking with eBay for the time being. Poshmark is another platform I sell on. I’m happy it has been working out well for me. The “extra” sales really helps with all the unexpected bills.

Anyways this is a really short post. I’m off to do some tax related data. Btw I don’t really share my eBay/Poshmark stores. I don’t want people to really use me as a guide to learn about the selling platforms. There is other sellers out there who do share every little of their reseller life. Overall everyone’s experience is different due to personal financial needs, inventory, time, lifestyle, etc.


Canceled Return

Today one of my bigger sales had a canceled return. I’m so relief and happy. Hopefully it stays canceled. It was a Thom Browne engineer hoodie. I sold it for  $175.00. The customer wanted to return it and open a return which was fine by me. He knew he had to pay for shipping back. Yet a couple of weeks passed by and no return. It was closed today by the buyer and it made me happy. Now February will end on a nice note.

I don’t know why they canceled. I’m assuming he wore it a couple of times and really started to like how it look on him. Perhaps he had it authenticated by a professional and they said it was real (of course it was).

January 2018 :$2300 In Sales

Very quick post. Between eBay and Poshmark I had  $2300 in sales. After fees and such, it was a good profit for January. January is considered slow but not too slow so this number makes me happy. I also had my first return on poshmark. It was so stupid and I realize how long the friggin reply from the buyer. Her reasoning reeked of desperation and obvious not her first run in returning things. At least poshmark paid for the return. So the item came back and was relisted with better pictures and description.

eBay Sales: August $2601.00 & Driving Without AC

Last month I sold $2601.00. Which isn’t bad at all. I’m really happy. Selling on eBay isn’t all fun. It may seem like it is but I do have days where I just want to give up. I have days where I  doubt myself. That also includes asshole customers that return things item not as described when they clearly wore the item. I also have customers who don’t pay, and customers who want a partial discount claiming a minor flaw… blah blah blah blah. Still I’m able to do this on my own time. Please don’t use my experience/example if you should do it by yourself. I have to also point out my husband works too and we do have health insurance through him.

I also have been driving my car without the AC on. Living in the desert requires…REQUIRES AC in your car. Unfortunately we already have been spending on my car,on other things, and other household expenses have priority. It’s not too bad. I’m just lucky we live close to almost everything and the weather has become considerably better ( mostly 80s this week).

Online Seller Update

Hey everyone. I hope your weekend is going great. I just wanted to update a little about sales on eBay. For May my total (meaning sales+shipping) was $1850.00. The summer slow down is here. Luckily I paid off our small debt for our computer, and able to pay other things with that still.

It’s been a few weeks of quitting my part time job and I don’t miss it. I do miss some people. For example the managers at Albertsons & Dollar Tree were very helpful and accomodating. The ones are Walmart were can I say… ugh. If you are new here my part time job was a merchandiser for a separate company. I did not work at these stores as employees but as a vendor. I still had to follow certain rules and got to look what goes on in the back scene. Overall my experience was generally good.

Here’s wishing to great sales on the weekend!

April 2017 Month In Review: eBay Sales $2,350.00

In April I sold  $2350.00 That’s pretty accurate and that’s after a few returns. I’m pretty happy about that number and I’m ready for May. In April I had spurts of listing rhythms and some days I didn’t. I currently list 15-18 items a day between 15-20 days a month. I hope to list 25 items a day eventually. I’m just slowly easing myself in to that.

We just came back from our weekend getaway.  I think it might have helped my husband but I still think he needs to see a therapist. He still doesn’t want to but he eventually wants to schedule one. I can’t just force him to see one. He has to want to see one on his own as oppose to his wife dictating what he should do.

Our weekend get away was at Lake Havasu City, AZ. It’s about a couple hours drive from Las Vegas. I definitely enjoyed the drive getting there and our hotel room was pretty sweet. We  stayed at London Bridge Hotel and we love the cozy atmosphere at during the week. Unfortunately I didn’t take much pictures. Was having too much. I will post what I did take eventually.

Student Loans $16,341

If you look to the right I hope you notice something:). My progress bar is definitely more filled than before. This is for my student loans which in 2011 I graduated with $28,000. Having it below $20,000 is such a great feeling. I will definitely be dancing when it hits 4 figures. I wish I could be like other bloggers who seem to budget very well to be able to pay huge amounts every month ( is such a blog.)

From the sale of our townhome ( my bachelorette pad) I decided to use $6,000 of the money we made toward my student loans. While this is only 10% of what we made, I feel it is a good amount to set aside for student loans.

Now I know I need to set a budget to pay down the student loans even more. My husband needs a new “used” car/suv. We have been talking and we have a feeling we will need a bigger car for our growing family. Except we can’t afford a car payment if we are still paying down my student loans. He just realized we could afford a car if we can pay down this loan, and save for a healthy down payment.