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Goodbye Frenemy, Hello New Venture

It has been a while since I posted. I’ve just been busy and usually if I’m tired I don’t want to sit down and type. At least this month I have been listing. Not as much as I use to but at least it’s something. I’m still trying to get my my days to run as efficient as possible. It worries but that I’m still not able to. When we have children I know I have to balance my time and my sanity. Aside from not managing my time efficiently, I lost a frenemy and have been discussing a new small venture with my husband.

Oh frenemies. Sometimes they are easy to spot. Sometimes not. Mine started out as a co-worker friend who eventually became a frenemy. I should have seen the signs but I do feel that this person did care for me in her own way. She’s actually one of the reasons how I got my part time job. I know this person more of a casual acquaintance. How did it end? Let’s just say sometimes friends make horrible co-workers ( we worked in the same company but different boutiques in the past). I’m glad though it is over. I kept many parts of my life a secret from this person. That’s usually a sign a you have a frenemy right? I also stopped telling her when I was “lucky” to come across a financial windfall. Because when she found out she would always try to borrow. Even though she paid me back, it’s always uncomfortable to lend money. The silly thing about this “friendship” was that she was jealous the company we worked for always gave me hours and more training. I don’t understand why she would be. Face value I have a more flexible schedule, she does not. Oh well I hate to admit not having her in my store has made me happier.

I think last year I mentioned I wanted to try Etsy. It was just a matter of finding what type of store to open. I’m excited to tell you all that my husband and I will be opening an etsy store. We will be selling seasonings, and easy to ship hand made goods. Basically my husband will be handling the “production” aspect of this venture. I will be handling the business and marketing of the store. We haven’t set up shop yet as he is still producing stock. We actually have a few flavored extracts “curing”  on the rack. I will still be doing eBay. Hopefully though I can eventually leave my part time job as a merchandiser. I will leave when we have 6 months living expenses saved up plus some more ( we want to get the floors done this year).

eBay, Etsy, Part-time job, Keeping a home, I’m pretty busy. I don’t handle everything by myself. My husband is sweet enough to take over if he notices me anxious or tired. When I’m stressed out I remind myself I don’t do these things just for me but for him too. I’m glad he understands me.