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I Hate Shopping For Babies

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The baby market is HUGE and for a frugal momma like me, it can be a little overwhelming. Before my husband and became parents, we agreed we will not fill our house with too much baby products. After months of research, I realize it’s hard not to do that. I’m frequently bombarded with reviews, Ads, and opinions on what I should buy and what works. Our house isn’t filled with baby stuff so much but as my son grows and changes, I’m frequently trying to find ways to save money while providing for him. It’s ok though. I ask the same questions I usually ask when I’m looking for stuff.

Questions I ask myself before purchasing:

  1. How long will I use this?
  2. Do I really need this now?
  3. Can I buy and use this secondhand?

With my son I tend to ask these questions:

  1. How long will he use this?
  2. Does he really need this now and in the future?
  3. Is it a safe product to buy used?

I’m trying to curb my spending since his doctor and specialist list visits are starting to add up.


Savings Trifecta : Couponing Again

I just bought coupons from . I thought the snacks and other things would last longer but our stockpile is down. In preparation of my couponing, I like to clear off my coupon binder, and set actually time and day to focus getting my binder ready. This time though since I bought a baby pile of coupons, this means I have some major cutting to do. My first time buying an actual special pile. It definitely saves money, but that also means I will be throwing away more expired coupons.

Expected The Worst And Maybe It Will Happen

Remember how I told you my husband received back pay from the union? He also received a raise. Great news right? Slow down. We know companies will try to cut corners. It’s just business. My husband heard some rumors that they will close the bakery soon. They found cheaper alternatives to make pastries and cakes. Quantity overrides quality at this point for them. I hope not. While we do have money saved up, it’s always scary to not have a job.

Trying Something Different With Short Posts

Since I don’t have time to blog as much, I will try posting short posts more frequently. I will try to make it finance related.

I finally had enough money for $15 in amazon credit from swagbucks. Seemed like a waste of time but it helps. Perhaps I will try to do swagbucks more often. Maybe watching videos more while I’m doing other things will help me earn more points.


Just a quick update

Hello folks. I wish I had more time to blog. I have so many things I want to say but it always involves me sitting down and typing for hours. I don’t have that luxury as much for now so I will just give a quick recap on what is going on.

I’m still couponing. It is easy for me to think I wouldn’t benefit so much from couponing but I have. I don’t eat microwavable food and so there is tons of coupons I’m not using. Yet I do eat snacks. Like tons of snacks. I may not wear make-up very much yet I’m obsess with skincare. So I coupon for those. The show Extreme Couponing really only gave a one sided view of couponing. I don’t intend to stockpile for years to come but more so for at least 3-6 months. Maybe I’ll give up a tally on what I spent at the end of the month. Nothing exciting though. Unless you consider stockpiling diapers exciting.

My husband and I are still trying to pay our credit cards down. We do pay it off in full but next billing cycle still is high enough for us to take money out of our savings. Our savings is currently at $4,400. I hope it doesn’t go down much but it will. We are expecting a check for over  $2,000 from his work due to the union changing. Yet I’m trying not to rely on that because his union hasn’t always been reliable in their promises.

Well I hope June is going well. Ours is so friggin hot. Our electric bill is starting to climb. Which is also another reason why we had to take some out of our savings for that.

Saving On Baby Formula


This isn’t really a tips post but I just wanted to share my excitement on saving big on baby formula recently. I’m sure you heard it before “baby formula is liquid gold, baby formula is expensive, etc.” My baby son is currently drinking a brand name formula (Similac) at the moment. I always buy from our local Target because they seem to offer a free target gift card.

I remember in the past I posted I didn’t think I was ever EVER going to need breast feeding classes. I didn’t even go to the one that was offered for free from my insurance. I know. Karma hit me. I’m currently not breastfeeding. I’m barely even breast pumping a whole bottle a day for my son. I was never opposed to formula feeding. I wasn’t one of those moms who thought that formula is poison. Though I was opposed to spending money on something I could do for free since I technically decide my own schedule ( I work from home, & part-time).

I tried breastfeeding. My son was even latching properly. The problem was I really wasn’t producing enough milk. After pumping 8 times a day for weeks, talking to several lactation consultant ( a fancy term for booby experts), plus drinking that weird tasting mother’s milk tea, I was tired. My milk never really came. If I would have tried to feed my son just on my breast milk he would lose weight and cry constantly. So I do rely on baby formula for the majority of his diet. Which means I’m at Target at least twice a month opening my wallet.

Recently I’ve just begun saving formula coupons, signing up for formula checks, and basically looking out for sales in the Target weekly circulars. I’m lucky my son isn’t extremely sensitive to formula. He just has to have the one that helps with gas and tummy aches. I actually mix enfamil & similac together (one way I’m trying to use the samples up).

Last week I definitely scored for sure. I bought 3 big cans ( 2 Similac, 1 Enfamil) + 1 6pk nursettes at get 45% off store retail. How did I do this? I had a formula check for each item, 1 catalina for  $10 off a can, coupons, plus a  $10 gift card from the last time I bought formula. I’m not listing the price since each store prices their items differently. I think it was roughly  $50 though for 3 big cans + 1 6pk nursettes That’s like getting one can for free plus the nursettes I bought. All of that is probably good enough for 1.5 months.

Talking Myself Out Of Buying Things

If there is a bad habit I wish I could get rid off is shopping online. Heck even just browsing online is such a time waster. I just love a good deal!  I’m always, ALWAYS going between eBay & Amazon for things to see who is cheaper. Then I decide my purchase on who lives in the country, feedback, etc. For example today. I just spent a friggin 1.5 hours ..get this… researching on a diaper bag. HAHAHA… and I have a perfectly good one I’m using right now.

I figure this is a treat for myself but I would rather wait until I feel comfortable spending over $100 on a diaper bag. Why so much?  Well I like the print and the brand seems to have great feedback on versatility and quality (two things I look for in a good bag). Plus it looked like a bag I can use everyday once I stop carrying so much baby stuff.

Oh I definitely had the urge to buy the bag. This is what goes on in my mind .

“Don’t buy it! Don’t buy it! Must put some savings first before buying! It’s so pretty and I could be more organize though. NO no NO! I can wait. I can even get it gently used eventually. Plus Mother’s Day is coming. This could be a gift to myself! Wait, stop using that excuse to buy things..AGAIN.”

This always goes through my head every time I have the urge to buy something. Hey a big pat on the back for me. I will wait and see when I can get it one sale or in gently used condition. I always feel better when I wait.