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Glitchy eBay: I’m Not Paying Attention

I’m late in the game in commenting about eBay’s recent glitches. To be honest I haven’t been paying attention. My priority at this point is focusing more on my husband transitioning into his new position. This involves me doing more chores, some of his chores, and watching my son more.

Deciding to take a break (just not listing as much) was definitely the right choice for my family. If you just stumbled here, I will tell you a little more about my husband. My husband does suffer from anxiety. According to his therapist it’s mostly from him trying to suppress his ADD to get by. He doesn’t take pills which was agreed by his doctor. Recently he received a promotion in to management. He has never worked in a management position but has closely worked with his past bosses. Which did lead up to his promotion.

Of course as his wife and best friend, I already knew about his anxiety. I knew it was going to be an issue (it has) and this involved me just picking up the pieces when they fall. Overall we did hit some bumps along the way, but he is doing fine. I would go more on what I experienced but this is more about eBay lol.

I haven’t really been paying attention. Actually, my sales are a little up compared to last year ( if eBay is still accurate in calculating numbers). I did experience similar glitches. My photos went missing, my views were not showing, etc. I couldn’t even do a proper inventory. eBay isn’t my only selling platform so I wasn’t too sour about the glitches. Poshmark still has been making sales for me.

Do I think eBay will fix things? In my opinion, yes. This is just an opinion. I could be wrong. I don’t have some personal relationship with anybody there so bear with me. I think they are doing all this because summer is historically slow. They did lay off hundreds of people during this time which involves probably going through their investigations of making sure things will try to stay the same.  Which of course ANY company knows that’s not always possible. It’s business unfortunately.

People assume eBay support the little seller but I know they won’t. I personally don’t think we won’t get a refund for all the glitches. The only time they have refunded on their own mistake is after they are sued and settled out of court ( dirty I know but that’s common).

Of course it puts me in a bad mood in all of this but I will still sell. I don’t really look at eBay as my own business anymore. I’m in a way still working for “the man” but in my own schedule with my own risks. Right now, before 4 quarter starts I am going to find better inventory, and list them.  I will also focus on getting rid of dead inventory.


eBay Now. Short Post On Changes

So I just want to post on some changes on eBay. Due to my account not tweaked to get their 10% off discount my overall fees have gone up. Fees in general can vary depending on your store type, and how much you sell. It would be a LLLOONNNGGGG AAASSSS  post that goes in to detail on how much fees are but I’m not going to do that. I will just share my number as of now.

For eBay my fees caculated (not including shipping) is roughly 17%. This is probably because I made a bunch of low auction sales. Most people abide by the 15% rule of eBay fees but they are not taking to account that the lower per item sale, you pay more fees. Losing my 10% off discount pushed my average of 13% fees to now overall of 17% fees. Starting to really come close to the standard 20% fee for poshmark ( don’t forget the $2.95 flat fee they take for sales $15 and below). I hope some resellers who come across this post double check their fees taken out if they are on eBay. Of course the increase in fees ( by losing my 10% off) puts a bad taste in my mouth. Yet it is still a platform I’m able to bring income to my family.

Reseller Summer Slow Down 2018

It’s the “summer slow down” for most resellers. I don’t know why other resellers are saying it’s not when in reality it probably is. I mean it looks like they are working harder than before but making the same amount of money if it was any other season. So it’s really discouraging for new sellers or ones whose inventory isn’t geared toward summer.

My inventory in general isn’t geared toward summer. I mainly and I mean probably 95% of my inventory is clothing. Unfortunately a small percentage of it is geared towards summer so sales have slowed down for me. It’s really my fault for not being prepared but what can I say? Summer clothing isn’t something I live to find in thrift stores. It’s usually cheap( I mean material wise, not price wise) and thrift stores around me typically overcharge on swim swear.

This year I’m really not too worried. I haven’t mentioned this before but my husband got a promotion. This came with a nice raise so this summer I’m not too worried about hitting my goal. Now I’m focusing on streamlining my inventory by sending things that aren’t selling to thred up. I do donate too. It’s a nice little break I’ll be taking but I will be using it to better my inventory and learn more about other brands. The summer slow down for me is a great time to set some goals that will help me grow.

Random Reseller Thoughts. Ebay & Poshmark

I’m currently dealing with an eBay customer that wants to return a dress. Now I said it before that I don’t mind returns. I just don’t like it when a customer files an Item not as described. Though that wasn’t the problem. This customer said she took off the tags in the customer comments and wants to return because it’s too hot for her because of her cancer medication. I already hated she had to throw in the fact she has cancer. I mean really? I know she’s probably lying and if she’s not, why would you return an item without the tags attached? I can’t sell the item for the best price I can get.  eBay said I have to accept the return and to call them. I will call them of course if she sends it back. Overall I have other shit to worry about. If eBay won’t compensate me for this I will have to let it go and just block this person.

Poshmark has been uneventful for me. I mean I get sales but I’m definitely loving the laid back feel of poshmark. For example to keep my ambassador status I need to have a feedback score greater than 4.5. I currently have 4.9 and this is when I already have 5 4 stars, and 2 1 stars. Glad no one sees my score and nobody hasn’t left me shitty messages so I’m not worried about that. Unfortunately Poshmark is not my main earner but I am loving the sales because it makes up for eBay’s slow sales.

Overall yes my sales have been slower. I expected this but hey, I’m still able to pay my bills, and pay down my student loan. I haven’t done my bookkeeping yet but it looks similar to last month.

Sales During Vacation



Yes I’m being a bit of a show off and showing my sales from March 6 -11th. I was on vacation so any sales made was a GREAT thing since I had to put both stores on vacation mode. If you are wondering about vacation mode then keep on reading. I won’t go over every detail but just my brief experience.

During the time my store was on vacation mode I was only able to make sales on eBay. You see putting your “closet” on vacation mode at poshmark will show all your listing as “NOT FOR SALE” and some little blurb stating your vacation days. Poshmark automatically turns your store back on at the end of the stated vacation day. This is important to know if you are deciding which days to turn your “closet” back on. You do have the convenience to do it on your phone ( eBay APP does not let you turn vacation on/off, only on the desktop version).

On eBay you have the option to turn vacation mode on, AND have your listings able to be sold. You can also just have your whole store hidden ( I think it might be different if you had auctions, though don’t rely on me for that). Since I was gone for less than a week, my ebay store was in vacation mode and my listings are able to be purchased. It’s just my preference. You can go longer but some customers are so computer illiterate and impatient that explaining to them your current terms aggravates them *Yes eye roll*.

Overall of course my sales went down but I still made a couple hundred dollars in sales between those days. I was able to turn my poshmark closet on , on the weekend so I still got a few sales in there. Some of my sales were small sales but those items I don’t mind letting go low enough to make my money back. After all I’m still learning about clothing and that is an industry that’s forever changing.

$3,023 In Sales. 1st Negative Of 2018.

Hello All. I ended February with my most gross sales ever ( this includes shipping, IRS considers shipping as income too). I also ended it with my first negative of the year. Overall the month was OK. Yes the money I got was great but I also had to deal with some high maintenance buyers/scammers.

Between eBay & Poshmark I made $3,023 in sales. Some of sales were high dollar ( $$$, triple digit sale  #) items and they were vintage items. My favorite part of reselling is thrifting so to find these gems was like hitting a mini jackpot. I also like researching items and finding out the value. For vintage items, it’s really hard to pin point value but just finding the histories of companies is really fun to me.

I also got my first negative of the year. I emphasis year because I do get negatives like everyone. Negative do eventually disappear after a year  so I just have to let it languish on my feedback page. I called eBay to remove it for feedback extortion but they wouldn’t budge. Even though the buyer has histories of leaving negatives and asked me to “handle” the return differently before she leaves a negative. I’m not surprise. I have never had success in eBay removing negatives. They do remove so much options for sellers to find out if a buyer is a doozy so really my faith in eBay has dropped just a little.

This doesn’t stop me from selling and it shouldn’t for you if reselling is bringing consider cash flow in to the family. I could also mention the other crap I had to deal with but I’m not. I’m going to focus on the positives of great sales and toast to more sales this year. If you had to deal with shitty customers I suggest for you to think of all the other ones who love their item. Out of the 3 shitty ass customers I had to deal with, 130 of them  were happy.

Let’s also hope my last big sale of the month doesn’t get returned. I’m just like you and worry about returns.


Reseller Rant

Hi. If you don’t want to read about me ranting about online customers then you should click away.  I’m just ranting. I’m in no way quitting what I’m doing but goddamn I need somewhere to vent.

The past few months have been wearing me down in dealing with problematic customers. I don’t mean customers who don’t mind paying return shipping. I’m talking about those who complain about every little thing just so they don’t pay return shipping. I even had one person purposely put a hole in a sweater. I’m lucky to say my account hasn’t had a strike yet but still I have to deal with people who don’t care to make false claims to save a few bucks.

I have let most of these problematic customers slide and blocked them but I’m just tired. I had to deal with my first one on poshmark and I have to admit I was devastated until I read what the heck they are claiming. On poshmark I have a skirt listed as no slits but I didn’t note the pleats which according to the customer makes it look like a slit. That case is currently in review but I know I’m probably going to lose it because poshmark hasn’t really been known to help sellers out.  So I accepted that fact that I’m going to lose that case but I’m just so pissed off at people who make claims like that.

Don’t get me started on eBay.  eBay is the worst and maaannnn sometimes I just want to ask the customers if they are this horrible in real life because if they are, they should just get a lobotomy. Granted customer complaints is less than 2% of my over sales, it does take up my valuable time.

If you think a reseller just sells to nice people you are so wrong. They just don’t talk about the drama they deal with because it brings bad juju. I’m just venting because I’m just tired of people. I will still list and sell. I just needed to let this all out.