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Family Visiting

My father in law is visiting us near my husband’s birthday which is Halloween. It’s been a really long time since he visited.  Actually the last time he visited was when Calvin was born but I didn’t get to go home. I didn’t get to spend  very much time with him but at least he and my husband spent some time together.

He doesn’t visit often because he feels he is intruding. Which is weird for him to say because we love visiting him. So I am a little nervous because right now I’m trying to clean my house and fix up the guest room for him. I am looking forward to his visit but I hate to admit it’s like I want him to be please with our lifestyle. The Martha Stewart in me has been on vacation… forever. Ok the Martha Stewart in me is still in training and isn’t graduating in home making anytime soon.

I think I would faint of embarrassment if he ever  EVER walks in to my eBay room. It’s not organized or categorized.


Blah Kind Of Day

Today is Saturday. Usually on this day I’m pretty busy. Listing, shipping, cleaning, watching Calvin, and planning what to make for dinner for the whole week. I’m in a blah kind of mood so I decide to just take a break from everything but taking care of my Son and dinner.  The mess will be here tomorrow still and my eBay store is still up and running.

Do you have one of those days? Most days I just charge on even if I am tired but today I’m just tired. I feel it in my bones I need to rest. I feel fortunate that this is a luxury I can do. Technically I’m still busy doing mommy duties but that’s a duty I don’t turn off ever even if I am sick.

Pound Store

Hello everyone. It’s 9pm and I have about 6 more items to list and 3 items to prep to ship. I’m tired but I’m determined to do all this plus finish chores and plan my next day out. I just want to tell you how my trip to the pound store early morning Thursday went.

My last post was about going to the pound store. I wanted to go to the pound store when they open out of curiosity if it will be better. Last time I went around 9:15am right after I made sure my son was fed and played a little. It was busy for sure and while I did leave with 50 lbs of items , I felt I could do better if I go when they open around 7am. IT WAS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER.

I have to admit waking up at 6am was a little weird for me to go to the pound store. My husband and son were asleep in the cozy bed. It made it hard to get up. I did though and I’m glad. There was close parking, and I was able to get a cart that was in decent shape. Probably less than 10 people were there already and we had a bin to ourselves. Nice not to have people shoving themselves in front of me or worrying if someone is picking through my cart. When they replenish the bins it wasn’t mayhem either! Around 9:00am is when it started to get crazy. I’m assuming people were dropping off their kids by then and they head straight there. That’s ok because by 10am I left with close to 80 pieces of clothing. I came home with most of them in good condition with only having to trash 5 pieces.

I’m sorry I don’t have time to post what items I came home with but I came home with brands such as Tommy Bahama, Lucky Brand, A North Face Fleece Sweater, Ralph Lauren, Torrid, Lane Bryant, Some Denim Jeans by various brands, and some baby clothes for my son.


Goodwill Clearance Pound Store

Last week I went to the nearby Goodwill Clearance center AKA “Pound Store” among resellers. It’s been over probably two years since I went and I’m planning to go again this week. Changes made to my location now is that they now roll out more clothing bins as oppose to hard goods. Now they are also open 7am. I am going to go in bright and early tomorrow. Wish me luck Y’all.

Shopping at the pound store is definitely stressful. If you are more of the organize shopper then no this place is not for you. I stopped years ago because I found better stuff at my local goodwill stores on dollar days. Now though since I am trying to streamline my eBay business I’m changing the way I shop. Since I can’t just go shopping when I want to ( I don’t like to take my son to the thrift store) I settled on shopping at this place again because I am on a budget plus I can go on my husband’s day off.

Last week I did leave with 50lbs of things for about  $40.00. The most I’ve ever carried out of that store. I was able to go home with brands such as Leatherocks, Alfani, Ralph Lauren, etc. I hope I sell some of them soon. eBay has been pretty slow for March for me.

Donating EBay Duds

I recently donated a bunch of bags and boxes to the Veterans of  America. You know the one that sends you a bag through the mail to donate to them. It’s my first time donating to them and it’s so easy.

I get this envelope with a large yellow plastic bag to put my donations in. The date they usually pick up is printed on the front envelope. I make sure to note the donation date and place all my donations outside for pick up. Then they eventually pick up the donations between 8:30-5pm. Easy Peasy.

I ended up donating a bunch of eBay duds to them. It’s basically dead inventory from my eBay store. While I consider them duds, they might not be duds to their customers. Hey another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  I can’t wait to donate more. I know I could just call them but I’d like to be more prepared with more things for them to pick up. It feels like I lost money but this would encourage me to buy smarter.

I currently have an inventory of over 1100 items and I really don’t want that much inventory sitting for months. Actually I’m embarrass to say I have some inventory sitting for over 16 months. I realize I need to cut my loss and clear them off.


Loss Of A Family Pet


It’s been since Thursday the day we had to put Jager down. I’ve been feeling series of sadness and pain from this loss. My husband too. If you just stumbled on this post, Jager is one of our pet cats. We have three and he is the only boy.

For the past few years he has been requiring care. It started out with being diagnosed with a minor heart murmur, then needing phenobarbitol, then diabetes, and then anemia. It was hard to make our decision to not continue care but according to the vet this time it wouldn’t be a guarantee he would get better with a blood transfusion. So we took him home for a few days and returned to put him to sleep.

I’m a little relief (watching him get worse isn’t fun) but mostly filled with bouts of sadness of knowing he isn’t behind me or in the room. I know I’m healing but just looking at these past photos of him brings tears to my eyes. I know time is what I need and the pain lessens just a little bit day by day.

Our other two girl cats have noticed he is gone. One is happy because they never really got along. The other is a little mopey or whinier than usual.


How Buying “Off Season” Helps Save You Money


The Holiday Gift Buzz

It’s no secret that our country has the impression that Holidays = Gifts. Valentines? Yup bring on the candy and flowers. Mother’s day? Bring on the candy and flowers and appliances. Father’s day? BBQ grills and game consoles. Let’s not forget Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s. Just buy everything at that point. If you are broke as a joke then you have definitely felt the pinch during the holidays and probably detested the whole idea of gift giving. Then when the holidays are over you also didn’t think of looking at the clearance aisle. What could you have possibly needed or wanted now that the magic of the holiday is gone? I will tell you.

 The Sale Cycle

After working in retail for so many years and as a merchandiser, I got to see the day after holiday sales. I also remember the “sale” cycle most major stores goes through. My favorite place to buy almost everything is target as I am familiar with their sales cycle. Actually to make it easier on you, you should just visit I even have them on my facebook group. I always take a peek maybe once a month before a major holiday or end of season sales that might be coming up.

A sale cycle is a schedule the store has to follow. Each store generally follow corporate guidelines but it’s usually up to the manager as well. Some managers at chains, grocery stores, and drug stores work differently depending on how fast they “push (sell)” products out the door. If a store is considered a slow traffic store, they may hold a longer after holiday sale just to keep their shelves filled. If a store is a busy traffic store, the sale cycle will be a shorter schedule and they may throw unsold products to make room faster.

Usually the sales cycle happens like this:

1st day to 5 days after holiday:50% off

6 days and beyond: 75% off

10 days after holiday: 90% off

Now my estimate isn’t accurate. That’s why I look at my favorite store’s facebook group who look for these sales, and follow them. Stores that I have shopped at day after holidays are Target, Walmart, Home Goods, Grocery stores & drug stores.

Things I Have Purchased

The trick to taking advantage of these sales is to buy what you need and buy things that are versatile for gift giving. Don’t worry there are tons of things that you need or want that eventually go on sale. Here is an example on some things I buy when  holidays/season are over.


In general I will always look for classic style clothes for my family and will buy 1 yr ahead for my baby. I will always buy holiday clothing after the holiday is over at a deep discount. This way I can be ready in “style” for next year. I have purchased swimsuits in the beginning of fall at 70% off, winter coats/hoodie sweaters in February-March, and have purchased PJs for my sisters to save to give to them next year ( $50 PJ for $5 in their favorite brand will always be appreciated)


Yup. My husband and I make it a point to go to target day after the holiday is over to see if a special seasonal chocolate goes on sale. Day after Halloween you can see me at Walmart stocking up on Halloween candy  (without holiday decor) to for stocking stuffers at Christmas time. Don’t forget the special flavors of candy,soups,snacks, etc companies come out each holiday. My pantry is filled with pumpkin flavored snacks and food I have purchased at 75% off ( this I purchased 7 days after Christmas). All of them are something my family enjoys. Just look for expiration dates and base your purchase off versatility.

Beauty & Skin Care

I don’t stock up on beauty products but I do stock up on skin care products. Last Christmas I was lucky enough to stock up on stocking stuffers of vicks vapor rub. I’m keeping them for myself and family. I also was able to stock up on some beautiful, sweet smelling hand cream (will use them as small gifts too). I also saw some cosmetics my sister likes which I bought for her Birthday this January. I purchased them when they are 70% off.

Household Items

I think a couple of years ago I blogged about scoring on a Weber charcoal grill for my husband. We purchased it near the end of summer and stocked up on charcoal at 80% off. I will also buy holiday/seasonal base towels, guest towels, table runners, etc. Even now websites like are having a major clearance. I have purchased decor for my son’s room at 50%-75% just for being patient.


Since my three cats are on a special diet I don’t save on their food but I do save on their toys and scratchers. I always  make sure to stock up on scratchers and toys at Target. Right now we have a pile of scratchers stored in garage. All purchased at 50% off and in cute holiday related shapes.

Patience & Being Prepared

Another reason why buying off season helps is overall the buzz you get from saving is nice. Come on you always have a smile on your face when you save money. Just remember to have patience, take inventory of what you need regularly, and be open to buying different brands. I take inventory regularly by making a note on my phone. It doesn’t take very long to do and I always have my phone with me. How I stop myself from buying at full price is always asking myself “Do we need this now or can I wait for it to go on sale?” Since I’m not particular about brands (except for skin and haircare) I’m always scouring the shelves for items I know I will use throughout the year.