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Some Updates

I haven’t been in a good place emotionally which is why I haven’t updated in a while. Something is currently going in my family which is currently under investigation. Finding out about this brings tears to my eyes and has put me through periods of daze and emotional pain. Which is why I decided to leave my part time job.

I think I mentioned that I was planning to leave since I had to choose between it and eBay. While my job gave me the freedom to come in when I want to it still took family time. eBay definitely takes time too but I’m able to turn it off when needed as oppose to someone depending on me. Since I was going in my job just sad and sometimes crying I thought it was best to leave earlier than expected.

Weekend Getaway & Anxiety

We are going away for a couple of days to Lake Havasu. My eBay business has definitely brought in some money and it’s nice to spend a small chunk of it on a much needed weekend getaway. I know I said it before we are saving for a car but I’m hoping this mini vacation will help my husband.

You see his anxiety has gotten worse recently. My husband has adult ADD and he is not taking any medication. He has gone off it for ten years at least. It was his personal choice not to take it and for the past ten years he did pretty good. Except his anxiety has gotten worse over the past few weeks. I have told him we can find a therapist. He doesn’t want to see one so I have to respect that. I know it’s because he doesn’t want to go back to the medication. I told him seeing a therapist doesn’t mean he has to go back on medication. A therapist can help him cope with his anxiety without being medicated.

Even though I have known him for 9 years, I can not comfortable say I understand adult ADD. I know him for sure but it’s not like I have the right to say I understand adult ADD. Which is why I’m willing to look for a therapist for him. I’m not a professional so speaking to one may even give me a better understand on how to help my husband when he is stressed. Though I have to respect his decision now to not see one. I told him if it is starting to affect our relationship negatively then maybe he should see one. He is slowly starting to warm up to the idea.

Aside from this, I’m pretty much just trying to work and take care of my son. He is doing well and has recently gone through a growth spurt. I can tell because he eats and sleeps more. Plus his hair is starting to grow faster. I hope Y’all have a good week.

Plan To Quit My Part Time Job

My husband and I have been discussing me leaving my part time job. I know my eBay income has improved dramatically since I started focusing on it more but will it last? That’s always the mentality of someone who is frugal.

My part time job isn’t very much hours but I do like the flexibility. Lately it has begun being a place I’m starting to dread going in. Which is why if I can get eBay to replace the income it brings, I would happily turn in my resignation.Yet there is so much things we want to do that it involves money. It makes leaving any type of steady income hard.

I have to also put things in perspective. This part time job really doesn’t have any benefits. I’m not even qualified for their 401K plan ( Well I am but I make so little It’s not worth putting money in). Plus it’s really starting to interfere with family time with my boys (husband and baby).

You see I can only source for inventory on my husband’s day off. Now I’m spending his days off either sourcing or at work. I know most families don’t get that much time with each other, but that’s not something my husband and I want. We really enjoy spending time with each other and if there is a viable way to do it then it should be done.

I’m not going to quit tomorrow. I’m thinking closer to the holidays is when I want it to happen. Plus I would give a month’s notice (my usual notice) so my managers can find and train someone.

Spring Cleaning

Yep. It’s obvious. I’ve been spending too much time watching you tube. I can’t help it. It’s easy to get lost watching for hours. I usually watch a video in the background while I’m listing on eBay.

Right now I’m interested in cleaning & organizing my home. My house is not organized the way I want it to be. My husband doesn’t see anything wrong but I want to add more usable space. For example I would like to turn our dining room to include a sitting area with our rocking chairs. I would also like to designate my son to ONE not THREE play areas. Don’t get me started with the garage. Our master bedroom needs to be just for my husband and I. Not for my son, or for eBay. Basically I need to reorganize to our needs.

I watch Alejandra’s videos to get inspiration and while my home will never be as organized as hers, my home feels less crowded. I already started with under the bathroom sink, and my closet, and other small spaces. I’m hoping to get my home up and organized by summer.

Wooderful Life Video

Hey Y’all!

Back from a week in San Diego for my Son Calvin’s 1st Birthday. It was so much fun and yes I did tear up a couple of times. Mostly from the realization that my baby is a toddler now. Aside from that I wanted to share this cute video.

We went to Fashion Valley Mall and they had a Papyrus store which had the most fun window display. Displayed in front was a Wooderful Life collection of moving wooden boxes. I was definitely enchanted with the movements and oh man it started the urge to want to collect them. Except that they are not cheap. Things like that I have to have a traditional reason to collect. Should I start buying them for my son? Maybe start a mother’s day gift request? They are all sooooo cute.

This video will show what I mean.

“It’s Go Time”

Some time 5 years ago after a normal work day I notice my boss left her phone. I only realized she left it in the box of diamonds in the safe and the alarm was going off. She did this a couple of times and I was amused because each time it went off it would say “It’s Go Time.” She definitely isn’t my favorite person in the world ( She was very emotionally high maintenance) but I admired her for that.

It seemed that she would set her alarm 2 hours before her shift would start with that message. I asked her about it and she would reply in herĀ  sweet with a hint of crazy voice “that’s how you make money for the store is with that attitude before you come in.” Crazy right? Yes but having that mind set is why go getters succeed.

I’m bringing this up because I’m inching closer to being productive. At the end of the week I have been writing in my planner ( Which I picked up at Home Goods) on things I want to do, need to get done, and have been achieving most of them. By doing this it helps me by being less anxious on what’s to come and achieving what I plan. I also try to focus on the rewards of my efforts instead of getting there. Am I writing “It’s Go Time?” Nope but I try to start my week off with a peppier attitude as oppose to thinking ” Please let it be over.”

It’s almost the middle of the week and I’m starting the week off with decent ebay sales ( from my weekend of listing), and more hours at work for this week. I’m hoping to end this week with a trip to the Springs Preserves with my husband and son.

Is This A Potential Frugal Fiasco? Cutting My Own Hair


Ok Y’all. I haven’t cut my own hair yet but I am planning too. I also shared this youtube video to show what I am planning to do. Seems easy right? I will let you know how it will go when I actually do it. I am going to do it because I even bought shears for it.

I know what you are thinking. Am I really that cheap that I decided to cut my own hair? Not exactly. While the savings did pique my interest it’s more of a convenience for me. You see I haven’t been to the salon in over 6 months. It’s always on my to do list but it’s also always being pushed down my list of priorities. Plus I’ve always been the cheap salon girl so I never get the same person ( my theory is they get better and move to a “real” salon).

After quitting my “real” job almost 4 years ago I stopped going to a “real” salon. It wasn’t in my budget plus my part time job now doesn’t require me to look styled 24-7. Also My husband likes his woman like he likes his food… simple and no fuss. This includes the way I take care of myself. It just makes sense to downgrade salons at that point. I still get my hair cuts a few times a year but at one of those who give out coupons in the mail. It’s not so bad. To be honest the cheaper salon already knew I was a no fuss kind of girl so they understood I just wanted simple hair cuts and off I go.

The trouble now is by the time I have the feeling of ” I should cut my hair” it’s always at an inconvenient time. Which is when I’m home alone with my son. I don’t have the convenience of dropping him to a family member or friend ( they are all working). By the time my husband came home the need to “cut my hair” is long gone and forgotten.

Another reason is I know my own hair. Since they are forever changing stylists, they always mention how I should use so and so product to help with my dandruff. I get tired of this because I already am. While it doesn’t work 100% it works 80%. With me cutting my own hair I can take my time as well. If I do mess up I can always go to the salon but since I always have my hair in a messy bun I will probably end up waiting to do that too.

I admit I only cut my own hair once. It was when I was in high school and it turned out good. Except I didn’t use good scissors so I got split ends really fast. This time I’m a little more prepared. The funny thing is the shears I bought is still sitting in the box unopened.