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Plagiocephaly Helmet: 2nd Month Follow Up

Last week we went to my son’s 2nd month follow up for his helmet. We were expecting his Orthotist to tell us he doesn’t have to wear his helmet anymore. Actually he gave us the option to decide if he should wear the helmet or not.

My son’s measurements didn’t change much from last time. It seems his head didn’t really grew compared to the month before that. During the first month of wearing he had a growth spurt on his head. Looks like it didn’t happen and his measurements didn’t change at all. Even though his measurements now is considered “cosmetic” as oppose to “medical” we decided to let him wear it for one more month.

I am a little bum about him having to wear it longer. It’s another month of cleaning it everyday, and pretty much having to put it on and off everyday ( this can be a struggle). I hope his head grows ok. His head is growing normally so the helmet isn’t constricting growth.

here’s to another month of helmet head for my little brood.


Update On How A Baby Changed Our Life

A while back I blogged this “How A Baby Changed Our Life.”  I mostly blog about happy things here or personal finance related but not much about my marriage. So obviously for me to be in that state of mind was probably one of my worse moments. It was scary and I felt alone because my best friend, my husband, wasn’t being supportive.  I didn’t know who he was. Why would he say those things, etc. Overall all I wanted what was best for my son and I didn’t want to raise him around someone who didn’t want to accept the responsibilities of being a parent.

I was actually prepared to call my sister and tell her my problems and ask her if my son and I can move in with her. That would have been a big shocked to her but then again sometimes I can go for weeks without sitting down and talking to her ( I do text her pictures of my son daily which isn’t the same). Overall my family and his family thought we were a great couple because we supported each other emotionally and generally have the same views on most things. For us to have these problems would be a shock if they knew everything.

What Changed In Our Marriage

Our marriage was hard at that point and thinking back it was probably because he felt alone as well and didn’t feel like I supported him. To be honest I was crying a few times a week with how each time he reacted with unkind words about my son, and regrets that just pushed me away. I felt so alone because I already was exhausted from sleepless nights, my deteriorating health, keeping our home clean, and scared of divorce.

Eventually I stopped hiding my feelings from him. When he vented I kept my mouth shut because that’s how my husband dealt with his frustrations. I figured his anxiety ( He has ADD too) would get worse if I lashed out with how I felt. That stopped when he noticed I just cried and got frustrated. I told him how I felt. I told him I didn’t know him anymore. I’m tired of him telling me how he regretted our son and to be honest each time he told me felt like a knife through my heart. I basically told him to stop thinking of us before our son because focusing on the past doesn’t help you move on.

Then I told him I would consider leaving him if he didn’t changed. Why should our son be around someone who doesn’t want to be around him? My family has dealt with spouses like him before and I have nephews and nieces who grew in to normal kids with only one parent. That revelation for him is probably the start of realizing he was being a big douche.

How He Changed

My husband changed. It wasn’t immediately but we supported each other more. When he became frustrated I tried to tell him it’s OK, parenting is hard. I try to let him have alone time. Some women or men might think that’s very selfish of him to want that but to be honest it’s what works for us. He let’s me have alone time too. He stopped saying all those mean things to me. Now he is always filled with regret with those things he said and did. Every week he apologizes to me and to my son.

I tell my husband he doesn’t have to apologize so frequently. He wonders how can I be so forgiving. Well I wouldn’t be so forgiving if he didn’t changed. He also needed to stop feeling so guilty. He was only like this for about 4 months of my son’s life. If he kept feeling guilty he won’t enjoy parenthood with me.

How I Changed

In order for our marriage to work at that point I also had to changed. I had to stop viewing him as someone who isn’t trying. I also had to stop criticizing him on how to deal with my son. It’s obvious with me my son is always happy. With my husband he is too (Ok sometimes not) but my husband isn’t afraid to let him cry for a long time. I had to get over that. If he forgot to feed him a certain time, or play a certain way, I had to let it go.

I’m glad I did. I don’t go to work worrying about him accidentally hurting my son, or if my son is eating right, etc. Eventually as my son became older it became easier to take care of him. He didn’t require so much attention and can be left alone to play by himself or watch his show. My husband started to take care of him more and play with him more.

Progress Is Good

One day I blogged this ” Happy 🙂” After that I knew he changed. Now our family isn’t picture perfect but we have definitely progress in to looking forward to spending time with each other more. I’m even more confident to have another child if we choose to.

I don’t know what to tell you if you are going through the same situation as me. I know there was a lot of resentment in me going on and when I realize that, I knew I had to change the way I look at things. My husband did too and I ‘m glad he did because to be honest I probably wouldn’t know what to do if things didn’t eventually work out.

Plagiocephaly Baby: Month Follow Up



Hi Y’all. I just realized I never posted a picture of myself. Well here I am with my son enjoying the outdoors at night. Some resemblance for sure but he’s turning in to my husband’s mini me in terms of looks, and height.

My son recently had his month follow up with his Orthotist and I’m happy to report that his head is in the cosmetic stage in terms head development for plagiocephaly. The difference between cosmetic and medical stage is determined by percentages. I’m not sure how the chart was decided but before the helmet, my son was 18%. Anything over 10% is considered medical stage for a helmet from my insurance. His recent appointment it was measured at 7%. His head has molded beautifully.

Even though he falls under the cosmetic stage the Orthotist said we should let him wear it for another month. So come January he will be officially helmet free. I’m so happy about this. I’ve been hit so much in the head with it that I even bruised once. Yeesh. Painful.

Another update is that his torticollis is gone. His physical therapist said he doesn’t need to do the exercises anymore. Glad about that but now I have to remember to count to him. He seemed to enjoy the counting part of the exercise. Now I just pick up one of his 123 books.

I also have some other news but it will have to wait until the next post.

Plagiocephaly Baby:Cleaning The Helmet


It’s been over a month now since my son wore his helmet and his head has improved tremendously. The helmet was a good choice and I’m glad my insurance approved of it. Insurance will most likely approve of it if the Orthotist or doctor can call them instead with proof of severity. My son’s case wasn’t severe but still fell into the chart of needing it.

Aside from that, cleaning it is a daily thing. While the notes his Orthotist left just said to wipe down with alcohol and to air dry, I go a little further.

My steps to cleaning his helmet

1). Wipe down with soapy water with  washcloth. I have to do this because sometimes there is tried milk or bits of food that happened to roll in there while he is lying down.

2). Blow dry on med setting until just barely damp. Usually takes 5-10 mins in this Las Vegas humidity.

3). Wipe down with a washcloth with the ends soaked in rubbing alcohol. I usually do a quick wipe down all over then gently scrub the parts that are gently indented or stained.

4). Do a quick smell test and wipe down spots that still smells stinky.

5). Air dry completely. I usually put it back on him after an hour. During that time I feed him, watch a few episodes of this favorite show, and play with him.

Cleaning the helmet is a drag in my opinion but it is crucial you clean it everyday. The rubbing alcohol is definitely drying to the hands so make sure to moisturize.By the way my son’s helmet is the one with foam so if you have something different, you might need to clean it according to the instructions.

Plagiocephaly Baby: Rashes

My not so little baby head is forming very well. Unfortunately he’s developed some rashes along the side of his face due to his helmet. A lot of it has to do of his baby drool ending on his face instead of dripping down. Couple that with the dry humidity then he gets dry skin, wet skin cycle even more.

It’s not so bad but I do apply baby eczema cream or just a pinch of vaseline on his cheeks. If it gets super rashy along the sides, I just let him out of his helmet longer while keeping his face clean and moisturize. I can’t wait for him to stop wearing his helmet. I miss the cuddling and he gets confused too if he can’t nuzzle on my neck or my husband’s neck. He is doing great though so I can’t complain.

Plagiocephaly Baby: 1st Person to Ask About His Helmet


I hope all of you had a great halloween. Ours was pretty good. Last rarely we only had a couple of kids come by trick or treating. We had so much leftover candy. This year I put a sign out with a couple of lights with the saying” Candy!! Yess!!” More kids came by for sure and I almost ran out of candy.

We had someone asked about my son’s helmet for the first time. It didn’t bother me. I figure people don’t normally see kids this young with a cranial helmet since it’s typically only worn from 3-6 months. His head has improved tremendously since wearing it.

Plagiocephaly Baby: First Week With Helmet

The first week is considered the “breaking in” period. This involves a schedule of short periods of wearing between one hour breaks. Eventually your child is suppose to wear it for 23 hours. The breaking in period is crucial and must be followed so your child doesn’t get a really horrible skin infection.

My son is finally over his breaking in period. He still gets a minor rash but overall he is doing good. We are seeing his orthotist for a follow up.

Yesterday we took him to a sit down restaurant and yes people did look but not out of disgust. More of out of curiosity. Plus he was a good baby and just giggly and wanted to sit up so he wasn’t disturbing anybody.