Weekend Getaway & Anxiety

We are going away for a couple of days to Lake Havasu. My eBay business has definitely brought in some money and it’s nice to spend a small chunk of it on a much needed weekend getaway. I know I said it before we are saving for a car but I’m hoping this mini vacation will help my husband.

You see his anxiety has gotten worse recently. My husband has adult ADD and he is not taking any medication. He has gone off it for ten years at least. It was his personal choice not to take it and for the past ten years he did pretty good. Except his anxiety has gotten worse over the past few weeks. I have told him we can find a therapist. He doesn’t want to see one so I have to respect that. I know it’s because he doesn’t want to go back to the medication. I told him seeing a therapist doesn’t mean he has to go back on medication. A therapist can help him cope with his anxiety without being medicated.

Even though I have known him for 9 years, I can not comfortable say I understand adult ADD. I know him for sure but it’s not like I have the right to say I understand adult ADD. Which is why I’m willing to look for a therapist for him. I’m not a professional so speaking to one may even give me a better understand on how to help my husband when he is stressed. Though I have to respect his decision now to not see one. I told him if it is starting to affect our relationship negatively then maybe he should see one. He is slowly starting to warm up to the idea.

Aside from this, I’m pretty much just trying to work and take care of my son. He is doing well and has recently gone through a growth spurt. I can tell because he eats and sleeps more. Plus his hair is starting to grow faster. I hope Y’all have a good week.

Plan To Quit My Part Time Job

My husband and I have been discussing me leaving my part time job. I know my eBay income has improved dramatically since I started focusing on it more but will it last? That’s always the mentality of someone who is frugal.

My part time job isn’t very much hours but I do like the flexibility. Lately it has begun being a place I’m starting to dread going in. Which is why if I can get eBay to replace the income it brings, I would happily turn in my resignation.Yet there is so much things we want to do that it involves money. It makes leaving any type of steady income hard.

I have to also put things in perspective. This part time job really doesn’t have any benefits. I’m not even qualified for their 401K plan ( Well I am but I make so little It’s not worth putting money in). Plus it’s really starting to interfere with family time with my boys (husband and baby).

You see I can only source for inventory on my husband’s day off. Now I’m spending his days off either sourcing or at work. I know most families don’t get that much time with each other, but that’s not something my husband and I want. We really enjoy spending time with each other and if there is a viable way to do it then it should be done.

I’m not going to quit tomorrow. I’m thinking closer to the holidays is when I want it to happen. Plus I would give a month’s notice (my usual notice) so my managers can find and train someone.

Changes I’ve Made To My Ebay Store

Hello all. I’m currently listing items at the moment. I’ve made some changed to the way I do business and I already notice a difference. I’m so glad I did this. I’m able to deposit money back in to the savings. It’s the money I spent on inventory for February. I recently started finding other clothing resellers like me who are doing exceptionally well. I watch their youtube videos, and even peek at their store. I also gain a better perspective on how I should do business. Here are some changed I made.

1). Price my items lower.

I think back then I said I want my items to sell for $20.00 to make it worth my time. Well because of this I had so much dead inventory laying in my eBay room. So I priced my items lower and lowered my expectations to expect at least $10 for items.

2). List faster, Less Research.

Since I am pricing items lower, I decided I need to do less research on brands. Only quick searches for brands I’m familiar now. I am also listing faster. Instead of doing 6 items an hours, I am now doing 10-12 items an hour. Since I’m becoming better at sought after brands, I can get a feel on what will sell.

3). Do a clean out of Dead Inventory every other month.

It’s hard to donate things that don’t sell. It’s like admitting defeat. Though I look at $200 worth of donations as a $200 education. Don’t buy what I am donating. Plus it is going somewhere that can make money of it. I currently have bags of clothing ready to be donated. Most of them dead inventory, some of them clothing I came home with damages.

4). Added Best Offer.

I added Best Offer to all of my listings. I hated best offers before because people would always give me crappy offerings but I don’t even have to respond to them. Actually I love it when they make a best offer. It shows other people who are interested in it that someone else wants to buy it too. I let best offer sit around for at least a day or until it expires but I have noticed that I have more sales. Here’s a tip: I usually counter offer $1.00. I notice if I accept a best offer too quickly they take forever to pay. Sometimes they don’t even pay. By counter offering, they tend to accept it ( $1.00 isn’t that much for a counter offer) faster and my item is still open to sell to someone who will pay quicker.

For March I didn’t ramp up my thrifting and listing until the last week and I easily sold $1500.00 (This included shipping). Let’s hope April will be better loves. We can sure use a new used car.


Pound Store

Hello everyone. It’s 9pm and I have about 6 more items to list and 3 items to prep to ship. I’m tired but I’m determined to do all this plus finish chores and plan my next day out. I just want to tell you how my trip to the pound store early morning Thursday went.

My last post was about going to the pound store. I wanted to go to the pound store when they open out of curiosity if it will be better. Last time I went around 9:15am right after I made sure my son was fed and played a little. It was busy for sure and while I did leave with 50 lbs of items , I felt I could do better if I go when they open around 7am. IT WAS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER.

I have to admit waking up at 6am was a little weird for me to go to the pound store. My husband and son were asleep in the cozy bed. It made it hard to get up. I did though and I’m glad. There was close parking, and I was able to get a cart that was in decent shape. Probably less than 10 people were there already and we had a bin to ourselves. Nice not to have people shoving themselves in front of me or worrying if someone is picking through my cart. When they replenish the bins it wasn’t mayhem either! Around 9:00am is when it started to get crazy. I’m assuming people were dropping off their kids by then and they head straight there. That’s ok because by 10am I left with close to 80 pieces of clothing. I came home with most of them in good condition with only having to trash 5 pieces.

I’m sorry I don’t have time to post what items I came home with but I came home with brands such as Tommy Bahama, Lucky Brand, A North Face Fleece Sweater, Ralph Lauren, Torrid, Lane Bryant, Some Denim Jeans by various brands, and some baby clothes for my son.


Goodwill Clearance Pound Store

Last week I went to the nearby Goodwill Clearance center AKA “Pound Store” among resellers. It’s been over probably two years since I went and I’m planning to go again this week. Changes made to my location now is that they now roll out more clothing bins as oppose to hard goods. Now they are also open 7am. I am going to go in bright and early tomorrow. Wish me luck Y’all.

Shopping at the pound store is definitely stressful. If you are more of the organize shopper then no this place is not for you. I stopped years ago because I found better stuff at my local goodwill stores on dollar days. Now though since I am trying to streamline my eBay business I’m changing the way I shop. Since I can’t just go shopping when I want to ( I don’t like to take my son to the thrift store) I settled on shopping at this place again because I am on a budget plus I can go on my husband’s day off.

Last week I did leave with 50lbs of things for about  $40.00. The most I’ve ever carried out of that store. I was able to go home with brands such as Leatherocks, Alfani, Ralph Lauren, etc. I hope I sell some of them soon. eBay has been pretty slow for March for me.

Spring Cleaning

Yep. It’s obvious. I’ve been spending too much time watching you tube. I can’t help it. It’s easy to get lost watching for hours. I usually watch a video in the background while I’m listing on eBay.

Right now I’m interested in cleaning & organizing my home. My house is not organized the way I want it to be. My husband doesn’t see anything wrong but I want to add more usable space. For example I would like to turn our dining room to include a sitting area with our rocking chairs. I would also like to designate my son to ONE not THREE play areas. Don’t get me started with the garage. Our master bedroom needs to be just for my husband and I. Not for my son, or for eBay. Basically I need to reorganize to our needs.

I watch Alejandra’s videos to get inspiration and while my home will never be as organized as hers, my home feels less crowded. I already started with under the bathroom sink, and my closet, and other small spaces. I’m hoping to get my home up and organized by summer.

Wooderful Life Video

Hey Y’all!

Back from a week in San Diego for my Son Calvin’s 1st Birthday. It was so much fun and yes I did tear up a couple of times. Mostly from the realization that my baby is a toddler now. Aside from that I wanted to share this cute video.

We went to Fashion Valley Mall and they had a Papyrus store which had the most fun window display. Displayed in front was a Wooderful Life collection of moving wooden boxes. I was definitely enchanted with the movements and oh man it started the urge to want to collect them. Except that they are not cheap. Things like that I have to have a traditional reason to collect. Should I start buying them for my son? Maybe start a mother’s day gift request? They are all sooooo cute.

This video will show what I mean.