Canceled Return

Today one of my bigger sales had a canceled return. I’m so relief and happy. Hopefully it stays canceled. It was a Thom Browne engineer hoodie. I sold it for  $175.00. The customer wanted to return it and open a return which was fine by me. He knew he had to pay for shipping back. Yet a couple of weeks passed by and no return. It was closed today by the buyer and it made me happy. Now February will end on a nice note.

I don’t know why they canceled. I’m assuming he wore it a couple of times and really started to like how it look on him. Perhaps he had it authenticated by a professional and they said it was real (of course it was).


January 2018 :$2300 In Sales

Very quick post. Between eBay and Poshmark I had  $2300 in sales. After fees and such, it was a good profit for January. January is considered slow but not too slow so this number makes me happy. I also had my first return on poshmark. It was so stupid and I realize how long the friggin reply from the buyer. Her reasoning reeked of desperation and obvious not her first run in returning things. At least poshmark paid for the return. So the item came back and was relisted with better pictures and description.

Reseller Rant

Hi. If you don’t want to read about me ranting about online customers then you should click away.  I’m just ranting. I’m in no way quitting what I’m doing but goddamn I need somewhere to vent.

The past few months have been wearing me down in dealing with problematic customers. I don’t mean customers who don’t mind paying return shipping. I’m talking about those who complain about every little thing just so they don’t pay return shipping. I even had one person purposely put a hole in a sweater. I’m lucky to say my account hasn’t had a strike yet but still I have to deal with people who don’t care to make false claims to save a few bucks.

I have let most of these problematic customers slide and blocked them but I’m just tired. I had to deal with my first one on poshmark and I have to admit I was devastated until I read what the heck they are claiming. On poshmark I have a skirt listed as no slits but I didn’t note the pleats which according to the customer makes it look like a slit. That case is currently in review but I know I’m probably going to lose it because poshmark hasn’t really been known to help sellers out.  So I accepted that fact that I’m going to lose that case but I’m just so pissed off at people who make claims like that.

Don’t get me started on eBay.  eBay is the worst and maaannnn sometimes I just want to ask the customers if they are this horrible in real life because if they are, they should just get a lobotomy. Granted customer complaints is less than 2% of my over sales, it does take up my valuable time.

If you think a reseller just sells to nice people you are so wrong. They just don’t talk about the drama they deal with because it brings bad juju. I’m just venting because I’m just tired of people. I will still list and sell. I just needed to let this all out.

Cross listing On Poshmark From eBay

I started to cross list my items more from eBay to poshmark and I’m happy with the results. I assure you I know the consequences of cross listing on different platforms.


1) I can lose my account if I get repeats of having item “not in stock” if an item sells at the same time.

2) It can ruin my sales ratio which can make me look like I’m not selling very much and put it closer to the bottom of the search engine. This is due to me deleting items if it sells.

3) You can get a bunch of crazies who will report you/harass for selling on different platforms. Even if you are managing sales well.

Those are three very big reasons why most people don’t like cross listing. Another reason is the inventory management. Since I manage a relatively small eBay store and an even smaller poshmark store, it’s been ok for me. It’s actually one of the reasons why I decided to cross list/post because I didn’t want to have to separate my inventory. If you are wondering how it’s going, well I notice an increase in traffic to my eBay store, and the extra sales on poshmark is nice.

Of course I don’t tell poshers I have another account but I think some of them search for my item and know it’s the same picture and price, they assume it’s the same. My username is very similar as well. How do I know this? People are a creature of habit and do the same. Their username on posh is similar on ebay. They basically like my item on posh then I look if a name is obviously similar, I know that person found that item through poshmark but probably didn’t want to pay the flat rate shipping on poshmark.

I’ll probably blog more about cross listing in the future. This is something new to me so please don’t assume I know everything about cross listing. I will be happy to answers questions if I know the answer.

Appreciating The Mundane

On our “weekend” we had very boring days. Our weekends are usually on my husband’s days off and on weekdays. This weekend it was particularly boring. Well it was boring to most but to us, we call it a good weekend.

On day 1 we dropped my son to a drop in day care ( don’t need to schedule a day but just as long as there availability). During that time my husband and I went to the nearest coffee shop and discuss random things such as youtube stars over chai tea lattes and ice water. Then we just walked around window shopping boutiques. Then we pick up my son after a couple of hours and headed home for his nap. The rest of the day was spent watching a ridiculous amount of TV reruns.

On day 2 my husband didn’t feel like making breakfast so I suggest we hit up a breakfast buffet. So we ate at our favorite one and then did some grocery shopping. Of course went home in time to play with my son and put him down for his nap. The rest of the day was me spent listing and my husband playing on his phone and watching TV.

We watch a ridiculous amount of TV if you consider youtube, internet, and netflix time. You know what? It’s ok not to always live exciting lives or to not live exciting lives. If I can tell you nothing out of the ordinary happened then that’s ok. If you feel like your life is boring then you should appreciate it or at least try to change something. I know many people who just want to have “boring” days. No days of fighting, no days of trying get rid that feeling of FOMO (god I hate that acronym, fear of missing out).

Since our “weekend” is practically over I wish you all a good weekend and enjoy the simplest things in life.


When Hands On Experience Is Key: Online Reselling

Resellers get a bad rap when they start peddling information to make money. There is so much free information out there to weed through that you never know who is BSing you or not. I was actually shocked today when I clicked on a well known reseller’s link and they were literally peddling information for $6,000. Like for real?! Do you realize how much inventory you can buy with that?

I have actually purchased other reseller’s information on selling on line but I clearly have been following them for at least 6 months or more, and their niche is similar to mine.  I wouldn’t purchase information anymore because the hands on failure I do experience is definitely worth more.

So before you start buying information I think you should ask yourself if that money is time well spent. Will spending that certain about of money really give you information you can find for yourself?

How I Financially Contributed To Our Family In 2017

This post is very similar to Last Year’s “How I financially contributed to our family in 2016.”

In 2017 I contributed financially through numerous income streams. While these are not secrets, and pretty much everyone does it, I figured someone reading this would like to know how I contribute to my family financially. Keep in mind this works for our situation now.

  1. I work part-time as a merchandiser
     I quit that job I think in May. While I do like having a job outside of my home, I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I use to. Plus it was better for my family as a whole to work on my eBay business. More family time makes me happy.
  2. I sell on eBay as a used clothing seller.                                                                                My sales in 2017 amounted to 23,000. That’s amazing considering I didn’t fully work on it until the middle of 2017.
  3. I purge my home of unwanted goods by selling on eBay.
    We do this routinely. We frequently donate to the Veterans of America who comes by bimonthly.
  4. I opened a poshmark account and started selling there too.
    I haven’t really given much time to poshmark but this year it’s one of my goals to put time in to poshmark. I made a couple hundred dollars last year but that’s because I barely had anything on it. Let’s hope this year I do better.
  5. I sent dead inventory to thredup.                                                                                      Last year I think I sent a total of 8 bags full of bad inventory. I got $200 in December which came in handy during our vacation. I will be doing the same this year and hopefully I won’t be buying the same crap again.

This year I hope to sell more since I don’t think I will try to find a part time job again. Having a job isn’t bad but it’s more beneficial mentally, and economically for me to keep “working” at home.