Appreciating The Mundane

On our “weekend” we had very boring days. Our weekends are usually on my husband’s days off and on weekdays. This weekend it was particularly boring. Well it was boring to most but to us, we call it a good weekend.

On day 1 we dropped my son to a drop in day care ( don’t need to schedule a day but just as long as there availability). During that time my husband and I went to the nearest coffee shop and discuss random things such as youtube stars over chai tea lattes and ice water. Then we just walked around window shopping boutiques. Then we pick up my son after a couple of hours and headed home for his nap. The rest of the day was spent watching a ridiculous amount of TV reruns.

On day 2 my husband didn’t feel like making breakfast so I suggest we hit up a breakfast buffet. So we ate at our favorite one and then did some grocery shopping. Of course went home in time to play with my son and put him down for his nap. The rest of the day was me spent listing and my husband playing on his phone and watching TV.

We watch a ridiculous amount of TV if you consider youtube, internet, and netflix time. You know what? It’s ok not to always live exciting lives or to not live exciting lives. If I can tell you nothing out of the ordinary happened then that’s ok. If you feel like your life is boring then you should appreciate it or at least try to change something. I know many people who just want to have “boring” days. No days of fighting, no days of trying get rid that feeling of FOMO (god I hate that acronym, fear of missing out).

Since our “weekend” is practically over I wish you all a good weekend and enjoy the simplest things in life.



When Hands On Experience Is Key: Online Reselling

Resellers get a bad rap when they start peddling information to make money. There is so much free information out there to weed through that you never know who is BSing you or not. I was actually shocked today when I clicked on a well known reseller’s link and they were literally peddling information for $6,000. Like for real?! Do you realize how much inventory you can buy with that?

I have actually purchased other reseller’s information on selling on line but I clearly have been following them for at least 6 months or more, and their niche is similar to mine.  I wouldn’t purchase information anymore because the hands on failure I do experience is definitely worth more.

So before you start buying information I think you should ask yourself if that money is time well spent. Will spending that certain about of money really give you information you can find for yourself?

How I Financially Contributed To Our Family In 2017

This post is very similar to Last Year’s “How I financially contributed to our family in 2016.”

In 2017 I contributed financially through numerous income streams. While these are not secrets, and pretty much everyone does it, I figured someone reading this would like to know how I contribute to my family financially. Keep in mind this works for our situation now.

  1. I work part-time as a merchandiser
     I quit that job I think in May. While I do like having a job outside of my home, I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I use to. Plus it was better for my family as a whole to work on my eBay business. More family time makes me happy.
  2. I sell on eBay as a used clothing seller.                                                                                My sales in 2017 amounted to 23,000. That’s amazing considering I didn’t fully work on it until the middle of 2017.
  3. I purge my home of unwanted goods by selling on eBay.
    We do this routinely. We frequently donate to the Veterans of America who comes by bimonthly.
  4. I opened a poshmark account and started selling there too.
    I haven’t really given much time to poshmark but this year it’s one of my goals to put time in to poshmark. I made a couple hundred dollars last year but that’s because I barely had anything on it. Let’s hope this year I do better.
  5. I sent dead inventory to thredup.                                                                                      Last year I think I sent a total of 8 bags full of bad inventory. I got $200 in December which came in handy during our vacation. I will be doing the same this year and hopefully I won’t be buying the same crap again.

This year I hope to sell more since I don’t think I will try to find a part time job again. Having a job isn’t bad but it’s more beneficial mentally, and economically for me to keep “working” at home.

2017 Reflections


With a blink of an eye 2018 is just around the corner. 2017 feels like any year for me except of course my son bringing us joy with his excitement of literally anything new. Having children doesn’t always improve people’s lives but for us, he truly brings us a different kind of happiness. Aside from my son, my marriage and my online selling journey, has made me want different things.

It’s weird to think people want to change when the New Year comes. Why doesn’t it happen during the year? Oh well I am one of those people who routinely reflect the upcoming new year and to be honest I just want to do MORE things I enjoy.

This year I left my part time job as a merchandiser. Plenty of reasons why I left it but my sole reason was to spend more time with my family. I already did before but when my husband started to have anxiety, it was a good decision to spend more time at home. The money I was bringing in was good, especially since I learned quickly and was efficient in “merchandising” that with the overage of hours I can claim, I was making 15+ an hour. This was part time work though so it was between 10-25 hours a week I was working. I was able to by focusing more on online selling.

There is so many online platforms to sell on that it is  a learning curve to really succeed by your own personal definition. I currently sell on eBay and Poshmark as my main inventory is clothing. I have been doing this for years part time so to think it’s been bringing home income is wonderful. Unfortunately with me wanting to bring more money into our home would also mean things have been sidelined.


Melt & Pour Soap I made last year.

I thought this year I would be making soap and bath bombs. That hobby kind of ended when I decided more to focus on reselling online. Maybe in 2018 I should bring that hobby out again and learn more. I really want to make beautiful swirl soaps with fantastic fragrances.

As a family I feel we do spend enough time together. Growing up with a 2 income home has it’s plus and minuses. I felt as a child I didn’t get to spend enough time with my parents. So to be able to give time like that to my son makes me happy and wished my parents didn’t have to work so hard. Yet they had to so it’s not something I would take back since they had to feed 5 children.

Financially, at the point where we are at, I think we are doing ok. We haven’t really tapped into our mutual fund other than for a down payment on a car. in 2018 I think we are mostly going to focus on paying down my student loan. We might go on a family trip to FL though.

How was your 2017?



Skipping Christmas Cards And Other Things

This year we aren’t sending Christmas cards out. We usually do but I just became so busy that the first week of December was already here.  I normally buy custom ones from . I even had some cute pictures of my family with snapchat filters. It’s not a huge deal but I just liked sending them out when I can.

For December I notice things are a little hectic so I won’t be focusing on eBay so much. We usually have a family Christmas party (on my husband side), short family vacation, and just a wind done of things. My eBay business is usually slow ( also putting it on vacation), and my husband job is slow as well ( he will work overtime if possible).

So right now I may post more or less. I just want to take the time to really figure out what I want in 2018. Are you doing anything special for 2018?

Less Donations

Our bi-monthly veterans ( I think it’s bi-monthly) of America donation truck is coming in a few weeks. I only have a couple of bags prepped. I will have to go through my eBay room and decide what needs to be donated. The last few times we donated at least a dozen of boxes and bags of clothing. Most of it from unsold inventory and some from our personal belongings.

I know I have maxed out the charity donation limit you can do for taxes before they want you to start itemizing. That exact number I’m not sure but I do have enough slips to claim the max. It’s really hard to pin point how much we donated so when I see how many boxes and bags of stuff we donated, it’s almost embarrassing frugally.

Did we really BUY that much stuff we rarely used over the years? Even though we live conservatively, our home is still filled with stuff we have barely used. I would have to say many of it is hand me downs from family. So getting my husband to donate stuff that was passed down can be scary for him. Still we do not need so many bed spreads, books, clothing for eBay, and unused cookware.

I’m glad I am only donating a few eBay filled clothing bags. This means I’m buying less damage goods. When I shopped at the bins I came home with so much stuff but in the end I always end up re-donating at least 20% of what I buy. I stopped going to the bins because they raise the price per pound and they stopped wheeling out so much clothes. This forced me to really watch out for sales at the thrift stores, and to be selective on what to buy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I am a bit early on wishing people a happy thanksgiving. It’s because I know I won’t be able to post for a while. I’ve just been so busy. The past few weeks it was Halloween , my FIL visited, and my 4 year wedding anniversary. Yes have been busy with family.

This year my family (siblings and their family) won’t be celebrating the holidays together. There is just too much going on this year. Now before you assume we should just bite the bullet and celebrate together, the drama is very serious. Calling it drama even sounds insulting to the people involved. It’s a little hard to talk about and I have stressed about it on my blog every now and then.

So I hope all of you who have come across this post to have a good holiday. I’m such an introvert that I’m looking just just celebrate with ordering food and just meeting people I haven’t seen in a while. You can also catch me on instagram about my reseller life.