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June 2019 $1750 In Sales

Hello. For the month of June I grossed $1750.00 between both eBay & Poshmark. It’s not so bad compared to last few Junes. I made a little extra, and I used that extra money to buy more inventory.

I know I had plans to pay off my student loans with any extra profit, but I couldn’t pass up a good deal when my reseller radar starts beeping. I did some retail arbitrage with it and hopefully it pays off during the holidays. Except I only listed those items on Poshmark. During the holidays, returns are my highest. Returns are what I hate as a fashion reseller so having it on poshmark will be less of a headache compared to eBay’s lax return system.

On poshmark my gross sales are $1,000. On poshmark its $750.00. Keep in mind eBay I consider shipping as part of my gross sales for tax purposes. Before shipping its probably closer to the poshmark sales. Anyways hope your summer is good. July sales seems to be looking good for me, even though I have a couple of high dollar returns coming back.

March 2019 $2050 In Sales

Hello all. Between Posh & eBay I did $2050 in sales. I only listed 82 items. I really need to step up my listing game. I currently have 700 items listed in my eBay ( about 540 crossposted on poshmark).

This year I feel like I haven’t gotten into a good routine of just running my home, taking care of my toddler, and reselling. I use to list so much more and beat myself over still thinking it’s not enough listings. I can’t feel totally bad. My items are selling and I feel I have a better grasp of having good inventory.

Brands I’m not picking up anymore are Lularoe, brands from anthropologie such as left of center, and michael stars, basic white house black market items, etc.


Poshmark: My Sharing Stats

In December 2018 I made a somewhat resolution to up my poshmark sharing. Last year I averages about maybe 22,000 -25,000 personal closet shares a month. This year I wanted to up that number to 30,000 shares a month. I ended January 2019 with an average of 25,000.

I’m a little peeved at my self because 30,000 shares of a month is doable. 30,000 shares a month of my poshmark closet is at least two full poshmark closet shares a month. I currently have over 500 listings there. It usually takes 20-30 min for each full share. Since it’s not physically demanding, nor is it rocket science, you think I would be able to do it. I will try to do better in February.

Note: I do not support Bots to share for me.