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July, August, September Gross $5580

Hi. I didn’t realize I haven’t posted my gross sales between two platforms for three months. I can’t believe it has been that long. Anyways, back to the numbers right?

Between eBay & Poshmark I sold $5580. Even though I hate eBay for various reasons, these numbers made me realize I’m still not ready to leave eBay.

On eBay between July-September I grossed $3270. For Poshmark between July & September I grossed $2310. Even if you factor in the difference for shipping on eBay ( when I do taxes, shipping is counted as income), I still profit a little more there. I still prefer the user friendly aspect of poshmark.

I could go on a long spiel on why I didn’t update my numbers but it was for various things I had to take care of first. Btw, it’s fourth quarter! If you are a reseller, are you working like crazy just listing? My sales have picked up, I just wish I made listing more a priority.

This is why my number are considered low for me personally. I haven’t been listing as much as I usually do. I hope to do better and be prepared for Quarter 1 ( that’s usually my best selling quarter).


February 2019 $1,900 In Sales

Last month was pretty bad for me in sales. For one thing I didn’t list very much. I also got sick with the flu, and hurt my back trying to potty train my son. It’s ok since I didn’t source for inventory very much in January so paying bills wasn’t nerve racking.

It’s a habit I’m trying to get rid off. Paying off the amount I spent on inventory last month using the current month’s sales. I would like to be at the point where I’m paying it off quicker. It has happened a few months last year where I had to tell my husband I have to “borrow” from our savings to pay off part of my credit card bill. He never minds because I am the one putting most of the savings from my profits.

I have a feeling March won’t be good either since we took a vacation for almost a week for my son’s birthday. I am not worried about it. As long a we have a roof over our head, we are relatively healthy,  and have time for each other. That’s the good life to us.