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April 2019 $1750 Sales

Hi. I did roughly $1,000 in sales on eBay (This includes shipping) and $750 on poshmark ( Does not include shipping). This is just a quick post of my sales. I do not remember what sales number I did last year but I know it was more than that. I did get other things accomplished outside my reseller life.

April I was finally able to get my son potty trained. He is not 100% trained but the progress is far ahead what I expect of him. He is able to do #1 but #2 isn’t as routine. The past 4 days he didn’t do  #2 and I was so worried. I put him in pull ups, because throwing away perfectly good toddler underwear is expensive ( It takes time to clean and it’s disgusting for  #2). What a relief it has been to not worry if he will pee/poo on our bed. One of his favorite spots in our home is our bed and last time I had to do two loads of laundry just to clean everything that was peed on ( one for our foam layer, and the other for the sheets/pillows).

I’m thinking of putting him in pull ups on days I decided to list. This way I don’t have to keep asking him and brushing his crotch checking to see if he peed. My son just turned 3 a few months ago. He doesn’t talk much ( not conversating ) but knows a ton of words. So this potty training is taking a little more time.

Anyways, I’m still happy sales came. I have so much stuff to list right now.